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The production of delicious food and the safety of that food are closely linked. This is well understood in our company. If we want to provide you with fun products, there must be strict developmental and production line safety. Our manufacturing process safety is based on the HACCP standards, which we try to exceed. Currently, we are striving to get ISO certification. We are committed to the high quality control standards and production management based on HACCP.


Recently, food safety has been a big concern for many people. We understand this. Because our ingredients are fresh and raw, we devise the best and safest methods for storing them. Some ingredients are kept in a refrigerator or a refrigerated warehouse. But eggs are delicate and can be contaminated, so we keep them in a separate refrigerator.


Our new production line is the centre of our enterprise. It focuses not only on the product, but also on people and the environment.  We have made our production line so that it is not a burden on the environment, but rather so that it can live in harmony with the environment.