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While in Japanese it means “It burns eternally”, our name is derived from the French words: “Le vie en Sun” which literally mean “Life is in the sun”. Humans only live once. We need to make sure we live life to the full, and not just be carried along. This is our founder’s philosophy (the late father of Morihiro Urabe).

   Company name  Sunlavieen Co.,Ltd.  
   Address  3920 Shinshou Satoshou-cho Asaguchi-gun Okayama-ken, Japan
   Main Telephone / Fax  Tel.0865-64-4771 Fax.0865-64-5163  
   Order Telephone / Fax  Tel.0865-64-4772 Fax.0865-64-3080  
   Company Founder  Atsumu Urabe  
   Current President  Morihiro Urabe  
   Corporate establishment
 in 1963  
   Current business establishment  in 1980  
   Capital  \93,600,000  
   Number of employees  290  
   Business Lines  Confectionary manufacturing business  
 Sales   Sales in 38th year 3,648,751,000yen(Sep.2001)
  Sales in 39th year 3,600,344,000yen(Sep.2002) 
  Sales in 40th year 3,794,514,000yen(Sep.2003) 
  Sales in 41th year 3,810,000,000yen(Sep.2004) 
  Sales in 42th year 3,863,117,000yen(Sep.2005) 
  Sales in 43th year 3,977,109,000yen(Sep.2006) 
  Sales in 44th year 3,707,846,000yen(Sep.2007) 
  Sales in 45th year 4,336,992,000yen(Sep.2008) 
  Sales in 46th year 4,364,154,000yen(Sep.2009) 
   Sales offices  Tokyo, Nagoya, Oosaka, Fukuoka  

 Vice President:Tatsuhiro Urabe
 Chief Executive Officer: Keisuke Fumoto
 Chief Executive Officer:Akihiko Kamei
 Chief Executive Officer:Noritaka Murata
 Chief Executive Officer:Mitsumasa Satou

Big Map
    ■By car
      15 minutes from the Kamogata interchange
    ■By train (JR Sanyo line)
       3 minutes by car or a 15 minute walk from Satosho station
    ■By plane
      80 minutes by car from Okayama airport using the Kamogata interchange

  From iron to cakes, we made a daring 180 degree turn. We saw an opportunity to embark on a new business. Since then, we have been very active in developing new products and developing our sales channels. We do things other companies can’t do, and we think in a way that other companies can’t think. We want to make the world excited and we can make history in a dramatic way.  
    1953   Sadao Urabe founded ironworks in Fukuyama.
  1963   Company was incorporated.
  1968   Atsumu Urabe become president of the company.
  1971   Okayama Co. Ltd. established and produced a health drink.
  1978   Company name changed.
  1980   Core iron business closed and Sunravian launched.
  Mar.1981 Sweets business launched.
  1982   Business capital increased to 26,000,000 Yen.
  1984   First head office and factory expansion.
  1985   Second head office and factory expansion.
  May.1986 Expansion of the headquarters plant.
  1991   Oligo cheesecake became a smash hit.
  May.1991 Expansion of the welfare office and factory.
  Jun.1991 Anniversary celebration at the new factory.
  1992   Cream pudding cake became a smash hit.
  1993   Nagasaki Castella became a smash hit.
  1995   Container washing extension completed.
  Oct.1995 Award from the food sanitation director in Okayama.
  Nov.1995 Groundbreaking for a new plant.
  Mar.1996 15th anniversary.
  Mar.1996 Company founder died.
  Apr.1996 Former advisor, Yasushi Urabe appointed president.
  Aug.1996 Ceremony for new 5700m2 factory.
  Nov.1996 Entered the frozen dessert market with the completion of the new factory.
  Dec.1996 Opened retail outlets.
  Dec.1996 Decoration sponge cake ranked 22nd in Nikkei newspaper.
  May.1997 Business capital increased to 78,000,000 Yen
  1997   Belgian waffle became a smash hit.
  Jun.1997 Monde Selection gold medal for fruitcake.
  Jul.1997 Rose cream puff ranked 92nd in Nikkei Newspaper charts.
  Oct.1997 Business capital increased to 93,600,000 Yen.
  May.1998 Dioxin incinerator installed to help the environment.
  Jun.1998 Monde Selection gold medal for sponge cake decoration.
  Sep.1998 Award for employed of disabled people from the governor of Okayama Prefecture.
  Jun.1999 Monde Selection gold medal for sponge cake decoration.
       Third consecutive gold medal for fruitcake.
  Mar.2000 Waste water treatment plant renovated to become more environmentally friendly.
  Jun.2000 Monde Selection gold medal for fruitcake decoration.
  Aug.2000 Internet home page launched.
  Oct.2000 Award for food hygiene from the governor of Okayama Prefecture.
  Jun.2001 Monde Selection gold medals for cheesecake and butter cake.
  Aug.2001 Anniversary celebration at Kasaoka Grand Hotel.
  Mar.2002 Morihiro Urabe became president. Yasushi Urabe became company advisor.
  Apr.2002 Sunravian Café direct internet sales started.
  Jul.2002 Monde Selection gold medals for chocolate sponge cake decoration and brandy cake.
  Aug.2002 Nagoya sales office opened.
  2004   Quality Assurance and Research and Development office added.
  2005   STUDIO-1 renewal.
  Jan.2005 Sunravian Café Shinsho opened.
  Feb.2006 New waffle line launched.
  Oct.2006 New sales management system / shipment inspection system.
  Jul.2007 Two AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) were installed.
  Oct.2007 Technology Equipment Management Division launched.
  Oct.2007 Award for improving education and welfare of people with intellectual disabilities.
  Jan.2008 Power harassment / Sexual harassment committee established.
  Feb.2008 Started to sponsor Fajiano Okayama soccer team.
  Mar.2008 Introduction of high-efficiency boilers and heat recovery to reduce CO2 emissions.
  Aug.2008 The ascent of Mount Fuji by 23 people.
  Sep.2008 New Futsal club.
  Dec.2008 Sunravian Youth Soccer Championship Cup.
  Feb.2009 Sponsored infrastructure support activities at Fajiano Okayama soccer team.
  Mar.2009 Installation of foreign-body detection X-Ray system.
  Jun.2009 Introduction of metal detectors on all product lines.
  Jun.2009 60 second commercials start on Tokyo FM and 38 stations nation-wide and continue for
       three months.
  Jul.2009 Second group of 28 people climb Mount Fuji.
  Sep.2009 Assisted with the shooting of Shun Oguri’s movie “Tajomaru”.
  Sep.2009 Updated to the latest high-performance communication system.
  Sep.2009 Tennis club started.
  Oct.2009 Started enforcement system.
  Oct.2009 Communication assistance “Sun Communications” started.
  Oct.2009 4th production line for Belgian waffles launched.
  Dec.2009 First Sunravian soccer tournament held.
  Jul.2010 Third group of people climb Mount Fuji.
  Aug.2010 Cooperation projects approved at town fire brigades in Satoshō.
  Oct.2010 The second Sunravian soccer tournament was held.
  May.2011 Demand-control system introduced to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions.